Monday, April 2, 2012

*Review* L'Occitane Limited Edition Desert Rose Shea Hand Cream

Sorry for late review of this beautiful product!
I've been very busy with my job and just didn't have time for my newly started blog!

Anyway, you may know about this by now....
L'Occitane Australia has finally introduced new limited edition of Shea butter creams.
( I have noticed UK had the products released a few month before AUS)

When I first looked at the package of the products at L'Occitane shop, 
I was totally in love with it :)

There are 3 different scents / packages available to purchase,
1) Desert Rose (from Morocco)
2) Cocoa Flower (from the Ivory Coast)  
3) Hibiscus Flower (from Egypt)

The package is inspired by a traditional fabric from West Africa.
A lady at shop told me that L'Occitane have been working in partnership with
the manufacturers of shea butter in Africa for over 20 years
and have been awarded the Ecocert Fair Trade label for their endeavours.
This Limited Edition is for celebration to respect people who work to produce Shea Butter in Africa.

I got the Desert Rose Hand Cream, mostly because I loved the packaging :D
It's beautifully scented, amazing rose scent but not too strong and also have zingy smell...
It really keeps my hands soft and protect from cold dry weather.
As you may know, L'Occitane is known for the quality of their hand cream
and this one is perfect for my everyday handbag!

I also liked Hibiscus Flower one but the Desert Rose is a winner for me!
Cocoa Flower is also nice. will definitely smell Cocoa, so if you like it, you won't be disappointed.

This range has Hand Cream, Body Cream & Lip Balm.
For more information, check them out at your nearest L'occitane shops or Myer or DJs.

You can also check online but it seems to have NO STOCK at the moment...