Friday, April 13, 2012

BellaBox Australia now in partnership with Benefit!

I've been thinking about subscribe another beauty box...
'Bella Box' or 'Beauty Basket'.

I used to subscribe to 3 boxes, Lust Have it, Glossybox & I love this box.
I've dropped ILTB as I am not so interested in their partnership brands. 
LHI is the winner for me, so I've actually got annual subscription with them.
Glossybox...what can I say... will see next few boxes if they can improve contents!
(Glossy's customer service has been definitely better than before, though)

Anyway, I've just found that Benefit is now joining BellaBox Australia partnership!
Benefit is one of my fav beauty brands. 
Love their unique designed packages and names :) , 
so I feel more towards BellaBox subscription. 

If you subscribe BellaBox,
You will get 5 items in a monthly box for $15AUD.
AU$165.00 for 12 months (1mth free & membership is transferable)

Could anyone tell me if BellaBox is worth trying or not?

Thank you for reading my blog! Have a good one!!

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