Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lust Have It - October 2012

This month Lust have it! have "Stop&Pink"-ed to help fight breast cancer 
with the Cancer Council's Pink Ribbon campaign.

And...I received "Luxe and luscious" Package.

To be honest, I'm totally disappointed with the products in OCT box.
I'm sure there are a lot of people appreciated with the box, but not for me...I'm sorry.

I feel the quality of the LHI products have gone downhill.
Nothing exciting...
I'm so sorry to write about negative things but that what I feel at the moment.

Here is a sneak peek what inside of Luxe and Luscious October box...
I couldn't be bothered to review the products this month.

5 items + some vouchers

Rose Confetti Soap 3pk - RRP $9.95 (Full size)

Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Aura EDT 5ml sample

Say it with scent - Rose 30ml sample

Montaser - Renitence Eye Revival Cream - sample size

Waxaway Ready to use sensitive wax strips - sample


  1. I got the same box. I don't think there's anything in it I'll use. Two wax strips? What will that wax, half a leg? No ingredients listed on the eye cream? I won't be using that!

    1. I totally hear you, Donna. What a disappointment! LHI used to be so good but not any more... Apparently, you could apply free waxaway sample here for FREE! LOL! I couldn't be bothered to review the products this month. Next month better be good! :-P

  2. seriously? soap and red door? I almost signed up for this box but chose bellabox instead - thank goodness...

    1. Bellabox is great! They put some drug store samples but also have some big names like LANCOME and some genuine organic products. I might think about re-sub Bellabox now... :)