Wednesday, March 7, 2012

*Review* KOSMEA Cream Cleanser & Rosehip Oil

Kosmea has definitely changed the way my thought about skincare!

left : deluxe sample of cream cleanser from DEC Lust Have It
right : Skin Clinic rose Hip Oil RRP $24.95AUD for 20ml bottle

I've got a deluxe sample of Purifying Cream Cleanser from December Lust Have It.
To be honest, first impression was OK...
I thought the cleanser was to heavy for my combination skin.

However, more and more I use it, I have become a huge fan of the cleanser!!
I used to get dry skin every time I wash my face
since I started using their product, my skin is really soft & hydrated.
This is a gentle light cream with a subtle herbal scent which is something I looove.
Make ups can also be removed very easily for me.

Also, Skin Clinic™ Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil is AMAZING!
I have never ever thought about rosehip oil till I see it on "a current affair", channel 9 :-P
I wanted to find the best rose hip oil and
tried all brands rose hip oil samples in a shopping centre :-)
I have archived the answer "Kosmea's rose hip oil is THE BEST "
I have checked other brands of rose hip oil but I found that some smell like fishy (I don't know why)
and other were not purely rose hip oil.
Kosmea's is the most authentic, superior one and works excellent on my skin.

Since I met Kosmea products, I have started questioning the ingredients in the skincare products I use
and I start caring for my skin more!

Rich Creamy Cleanser but feels nourished.
The cream contains rose hip oil, avocado oil, sesame oil & Witch Hazel Extract
Rich Orange Coulor
Just 2-3 drops onto your skin and massage

Kosmea online is currrently having Rose Hip Oil GWP when you spend $39.95AUD,
(Valid until 31March)
check it out!!

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