Thursday, March 22, 2012

GLOSSYBOX - March 2012

What's in the March Glossybox?

very cute re-usable box as always...
Just Opening March Box.. Exciting!!

Hmmm... Looks like a lot of things in there...

Proactiv - Cleansing Bar 150g

KMS California - Free Shape Hot Flex Spray 30ml

Dr.Hauschka - Cleansing Cream 10g

NOUGAT LONDON - Nurturing Hand Cream (Fig & Pink Cedar) 5ml?

Avene - Thermal Spring Water ( for sensitive skin) 50ml

Glossybox Power Balancing Bracelet in Pink :)

I'll try not to sound too ungrateful...
over all, the items in March box are just average for me.

However, please do not make any judgement on just one box.
Everyone has different taste & opinion,
so I personally recommend trying it for at least 3months to see
if you are pleased with this service or not.

Reviewing items in this month's box....
funny thing is the item I like the most is the smallest one in the box!
NOUGAT LONDON - Fig & Pink Cedar Hand Cream
(5ml? small sample size)
It smells sooo good and I will need a pocket sized hand cream
for this coming autumn & winter season, so I'm happy with it.

My least favourite one is Proactiv.
Hmmm, what can I say.... another Proactiv product....
I'm not interested in it AT ALL but I'm sure my sister-in-law would love this,
so I will give this to her.
*** At least I can make someone happy with this :) ***

I like Avene Thermal Spring Water...this is one of my all time favourites.

Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream & KMS spray...
I have never heard of them.. so I have to try first before making any judgement.

Unfortunately, this month's box is JUST OKAY for me...
yet I'm sure someone would love this selection!


GB has changed the item list.
You will receive 5 items from the selection featured on the card (18 items)
No size , No price, Not much information on the card.
It doesn't bother me much but
it could be hard to get more info about items when you like to buy?
More likely, it is not so good idea for the companies partner with GB...?

Oh, one last thing...
this month GB sent boxes out promptly
and I received it within a reasonable time frame!
I must THANK them for the effort!
(usually, very slow process & delivery even from NSW to QLD)


Although I'm kinda disappointed in this box,
I'm looking forward April one already!
Hope there will be WOW factor in April box :P


  1. Hello, lovely site. I totally agree with your post. I'm picking up my box today but it seems like its going to be pretty average...again. Everything we get in the box is well worth the tiny $14.95, but Proactiv? Havnt they had enough advertisement, I thought us girls getting the box was to try NEW products, not ones that are blasted on the tv all the time. Sorry to sound so OTT :p I keep hoping for the wow factor but the past 3 months have been a let down. :)

    1. Hi,Jess! Thank you for the comment!!
      I couldn't agree more!This is my first time to review Glossybox on my blog,so I've tried to be nice as possible :)
      I think GB has been consistently POOR or AVERAGE...
      Expecting "WOW" factor every month but the quality & value don't seem to have changed :S Also,last time we had a Proactiv cleanser, there were massive good & bad comments on their FB page (mostly negatives)yet they put Proactiv product AGAIN?! I just feel GB does not listen or care what most people feel about it.Anyway, I'm thinking give GB 1 or 2 more try...coz I've been collecting reusable boxes! :P

  2. Wow ur box it tons better than mine! I really wanted a proactive product and the rest of urs looks pretty good! I got coconut water (very strange taste) as my full size :S the power bracelet (cheap waste of plastic) teeny tiny 1 use only shampoo,conditioner and body butter and some toner... It made me worry about purchasing again...

    1. Hi there!
      I thought my box was not exciting but still ok.
      I'm sorry to hear that you have got coconut water.
      I donno if I can clarify it as a beauty product :S
      Hope next one is good if you keep the subscription.
      Have you subscribed "Lust have it!"?? I think they are awesome!