Sunday, March 18, 2012

*Review* Karpati DITO Nail Lacquer (no.12)

Love Karpati DITO Nail Lacquer (no.12)

Sorry...The colour may not appear correctly because of reflection of light.
I've got this from Lust Have It March Box, and I'm loving it :)

Some people might find it is difficult to use because of the unique shape...
but I feel quite comfortable to use the nail lacquer.
Love the INTRIGUE(no.12) colour, it is like burgundy...has colour depth.

I would personally recommend to use base coat because the nail polish drys fast and I find that without a base coat, it leaves some colour on your nails.
(maybe just me...coz I have vertical lines on my finger nails)

The design is so unique that it has been included in the ‘Design Collection’ of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Find out about the Karpati DITO Nail Lacquer, visit their website here

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