Saturday, September 1, 2012

THE ICONIC coupon - $15off min spend $59, $20off min spend $99!

I'm normally not an online fashion shopper but I saw the Ads everywhere
and found some great and cheap products on the website.
Sometimes, items are expensive but I found that when the original merchants don't have the right size for you or no sales items at shops, The Iconic is really great place to shop!
I often go try products at shops, compare the price with The Iconic online
and purchase items from whichever merchant offers the best price!

They are having some discount offers at the moment like,

(the offer ends 30 SEP 2012)

$20 off min spend $99. Only full price items
Coupon Code : AFF20CFY4HNT4B
(the offer ends 3 SEP 2012)

FROM Madison Magazine,
$20 off min spend $99. Only full price items
Visit and enter the code "30MADISON" at the checkout.
(the offer ends 18 SEP 2012)

The Iconic provides great offers like,

I'm not sure about "3hr delivery in Sydney" as I don't live there,
but I believe Free shipping and Free returns options are 
very important when you shop online!

Unfortunately, some people have had not so good experience with them like 
different items came and you needed to chase up everyday, etc.
I have purchased some TONY BIANCO shoes and 
not even once have I ever been disappointed ;)

I guess if you know about the products from trusted brands 
and you have choice to check actual items from shops, you won't be disappointed so much?
some of my TB flats collection!

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