Friday, August 24, 2012

Lust Have It - August 2012

This post is for my initial thought about the Aug box. 
Actual Product reviews will be up sooon (I hope).

This month celebrates Lust have it's first birthday.
I received "Luxe and luscious" Package.
They have changed the package in AUG, I don't know if it is for BD month or
its their new standard but I like it.
I liked little make-up pouches but the set of box and bow is much more recyclable.

There are some misprinting? on the AUG info card,
- Luxe and luscious July August lust haves

- tanGo Tanning Glove RRP $29.95  Cloth RRP $21.95
-TIGI Catwalk Session Series Styling Cream and OR True Wax
(you either get FULL SIZE styling cream or wax)

I personally loved this AUG box, 
3 full size items and  added earrings is a nice touch!

Here is my AUGUST edition of Lust have it! Box.

Simple, Classy and Beautiful package

Great range of 6 products

tanGo Tanning Glove RRP $29.95  Cloth RRP $21.95

Aromatherapy Associates: Face Mask 5ml and Moisturiser 5ml / Bioderma Atoderm Cream 8ml

TIGI Catwalk Session Series: True Wax full size 50g RRP $29.95

Shiseido Lipstick: shade PK224 2.5g

Wet n Wild: Nail Polish fullsize RRP $12.95

VIP members get STYLE ROCKS a set of pearl earrings valued at $80.00

I thought when LHI put sachet products, you will get more than one.
Checked FAQs and it says so but we only get one sachet in AUG box.
According to LHI customer support, 
they have grown so big, so fast in the last few months,
they have only been able to pop ONE in the boxes for members to try from now...
Hmmm, I'm not so happy with the situation as I loved original LHI quality, 
and that's why I signed up for annual member ship.
But I guess there is nothing I can do... so just keep feed-backing every month ;-P

One last thing, LHI changed thier website and FAQs,
now you have to save at least 1000points to redeem $10 discount of shopping.
It sounds ridicurous!! I really hope this is a mistake and will be revised back to 100points. Lol

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